Online Coaching

One to One Premium Online Coaching

     Ever wanted the benefits of one to one personal training such as personalised programming, nutritional coaching, frequent contact and feedback as well as video form checking and progress tracking? 
     How about for a fraction of the price?      

You will get all of this and more with a monthly subscription to my Premium Online Coaching Package: ​
      +Programming. I will be writing all of your workouts in periodised blocks on a platform called TrainHeroic. It's a fantastic app that not only allows me to write very clear and easy to understand workouts, providing a video for each exercise, but also allows you to track your workouts, your progress, rate your readiness for each workout and give me feedback through an easy to use system all in one place. ​      
     +Nutritional Coaching. This is very personal to you and what you need, so describing it here is difficult. I employ a number of different dieting strategies to make sure we find the best one for you. The best diet is one you can stick to. ​
      +Lifestyle and Stress Management Coaching. I am not touting myself as a life coach, business coach, or anything other than your personal fitness coach. However I will be actively helping you manage your own lifestyle choices, and external stressors, so that we can obtain the best results for your health and fitness.
     +Video Feedback. I will regularly ask you to film specific sets of specific exercises to send me, not only to give you feedback on your form and performance, but to also help me identify what needs to be prioritised in order to maximise your results. ​
      +Frequent Contact. This is broken down into two avenues of contact:
           1) Once you have finished each session you will log it on TrainHeroic and send me your videos that I requested. I will then get back to you once I have viewed and reviewed the log and videos for each training session individually, usually within 24 hours of you logging it.
           2) Weekly contact via google forms and/or email. I will provide you with a link for a google form to fill out which will contains questions about training, recovery, schedule, lifestyle, nutrition/diet, and a space for any additional comments and questions you may have for me. I will respond to this form once a week, usually within 24 hours of you submitting it. ​      

       For this Premium Online Coaching service I charge £149 per month, the application form can be found here:

     If your application is successful I'll be in touch and you can return here to set up your payment plan.

Online Coaching

One to one Premium Online Coaching
£149 Per Calendar Month

Online Team Programmes

These are my team programme options for those interested in my coaching and programming, but don't require the Premium Coaching Service.
Homemade AF
Home Workouts
Women only, no equipment required.
USD $20 Per Month
Strong AF
Barbell Dominant Workouts
The goal is strength, and strength only...COMING SOON
Jacked AF
Barbells, Dumbbells, Cables, and Machines
Build some serious muscle, and get Jacked AF
USD $25 Per Month
Empowered AF
Barbells, Dumbbells, Cables, and Machines
Women only, build muscle, get strong, build athletisism, on your own terms.
USD $25 Per Month